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2 Grumpy People

Hello and Welcome

This is the home to 2 Grumpy People. We discuss Walt Disney World, amusement parks and travel in general in both written/blog form and audio/video podcast form. We also cover national parks, roadside attractions and camping. While our most common form is top 10 lists, that is only half of our content as we also discuss topics in long form and do an occasional review.

Update: We are now on Vid.me! (Check it out here.)

All of our new content as well as our backlog of content found on YouTube will be uploaded to our Vid.me channel over the next few weeks. This is not a move away from YouTube as we are not deleting the content there, nor will we stop uploading new content, but this is in addition. All content will be mirrored unless disallowed from one of the platforms. Also, we will soon have a release schedule coming out so that you can more easily guess whe there will be new content coming out. So stay tuned.

2GP Blog/Podcast

Scroll down to to see the 3 most recent posts and a description for each category. Alternatively, you can Click Here to see all posts or click a topic below to see all posts in that category.

Top Ten Lists - This is pretty self-explanatory. We list of ten items on one topic. Sometimes we will discuss the items further describing why we picked it.

2GP On The Road - When we travel cross-country we stop at all kinds of different places. National Parks, roadside attractions, campgrounds and even the occasional RV park. 

2GP P.S.A. - This is a series of public service announcements on scams, how to detect them and how not to get caught by one.

Musings On Amusements - This series takes a look at amusement parks and attractions. From local town carousels to big parks like the ones owned by Cedar Fair.

Attractions We Want - While parks like the ones owned by Disney and Universal are constantly adding attractions based on the current blockbuster movie or modifying existing ones to tie into a franchise they recently bought or already own, we think, why don't they dig into a back catalog of films and turn them into attractions. I mean if you are going to build or retheme an attraction to ring more money out of a movie why not base it on a classic that most people have already seen. In this series we discuss in great detail how we envision possible attractions based on older movies.

Halloween - I'll admit this category is severely lacking but we plan on talking about one of my 2 favorite holidays.

Reviews and Reviews of Reviews - With this collection we talk about reviews, tips and suggestions like you find online and whether they are as useful as they claim. We also discuss some of our ideas and give a few reviews of our own.

Walt Disney World - It's our number one topic so this collection is all of our posts on the Subject.